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IMG 1918Cuenca. It isa destination, which we highly recommend as is a city full of history and nature. Located between rivers, the Huecar and Jucar, offers to visitors a charming city. Specially was chosen this place already in the eleventh century from the arabian, (which gave this place the actual name), as it was on the top of a hill and was very difficult to Conquer.  Nowadays the City Center mostly lives from Tourism and they will be welcoming us in order to make us feel like at home. 

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Tours in Spain

The warm temperament of the locals are always remembered as one of the greatest tourist attractions of our country. No wonder that many return besides for other good reasons as climate, cuisine for our character. Within the Schengen area will also be easier to get a visa in Spain than other countries in our area. Spain offers diffent climates and many different cultures. There have nothing to do with the southern regions where never drops below zero degrees celsius, and with some of the best beaches in the world, in contrast to the northern areas with a more mountainous climate.

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galiciaAt the northwest part of our Iberian Peninsula we find Galicia. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, we will feel the thermal oscillation, giving us a soft weather all year round. In addition counts with a great nature covered by forests and green mountains. Here we will find uninque beautiful beaches. The main touristic city is Santiago de Compostela, but there are also interesting to visit A Coruña and Vigo. They all offer numerous monuments and rich history. In A Coruña we can enjoy visiting the oldest lighthouse in Europe and delight with its ancient fortress. In Vigo we can find interesting activities and Museum as Pazo Quiñones with 29 exhibition halls, beeing the most important Art Museum from Galicia.

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