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IMG 1918Cuenca. It isa destination, which we highly recommend as is a city full of history and nature. Located between rivers, the Huecar and Jucar, offers to visitors a charming city. Specially was chosen this place already in the eleventh century from the arabian, (which gave this place the actual name), as it was on the top of a hill and was very difficult to Conquer.  Nowadays the City Center mostly lives from Tourism and they will be welcoming us in order to make us feel like at home. 

The history of the city that remains of the Middle Ages has many interesting Monuments. One of the most well-know of them is the Torre Mangana. Here, you can  enjoy beautiful views of the historic center. We will walk through the Plaza Mayor and we will find the Cathedral with a rich architecture. It has a very interesting altar and a nice collection museum. After this, we will see the most famous Monument which are their hanging houses of the XV Century which were the highest ones in its time of Spain. Continuing our Tour we will see a suspension brigde which dates of the year 1902. It was rebuilt in the same place where was an older bridge called San Pablo and next to a Monastery which at present times is Cuenca's Parador. If you are coming to Cuenca as a group we can recommend to hire their University's Tuna, which the play very well. It is not surprising as Cuenca is a very popular city among students. After lunch, in the evening we can recommend the Devil window which offers incredible views, and then you will be able to listen the guide explaining multitude of legends.