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Escorial Tour + Valley of the Fallen

Fotolia 46902037 Subscription Monthly MAt 45 kilometers direction northeast we find Escorial, a very incredible building, and at only 5 kilometers distance we will see the Monument Valley of the Fallen.

The Monastery of San Lorenzo El Escorial was build at the year 1563 with the plans of Juan Bautista de Toledo, which would follow Juan de Herrera, (considered nowadays the main one), and that's why we call this style "herreriano" or "escorialense". A work that would take about 24 years to build the main part.

With a square shape, we can find inside interesting paints of the well-known Velazquez, Goya, Bosco or Tiziano. A big part of the collection at the present times in Prado Museum, their original place was here.

The Escorial, will definetly surprise everyone who comes to visit it, and even more if he comes with one of our guides of


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Escorial Tour + Valley of the Fallen (6 hours aprox. )


1 day Toledo Tour + Escorial + Valley of the Fallen 10 hours aprox.)