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Walking Tour in Madrid (2hours)

Depositphotos 10453281 lThis Tour in Madrid will show you our city center, and the places which have more history. We will start, with the Central Square Puerta del Sol, and we will be following to Plaza Mayor which there we can find other simbols of our City, the Royal Palace and our Cathedral.

With this Tour in the City Center we will be able to discover the Austrias area, as well as to discover the most important history of our Latina and streets which are the most famous ones, like Toledo and Segovia. Summing up, we can offer you the most old Restaurant of the World, Sobrino Botin. 

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Mercedes Vito

Walking Tour (2 hours)

140€ 170€

Car Tour  + Walking Tour
(4 hours, 2 hours Walking Tour + 2 hours by car)

200€ 400€
Tour by Car in Madrid (3 hours)
160€ 350€