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Tours of 1 Complete Day

Depositphotos 17974117 lMadrid is well known that is located in the most centrical point of Spain, and because of this reason allows Tourists to arrive to any destination of our Country in an easy and quick way.

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Escorial Tour + Valley of the Fallen

Fotolia 46902037 Subscription Monthly MAt 45 kilometers direction northeast we find Escorial, a very incredible building, and at only 5 kilometers distance we will see the Monument Valley of the Fallen.

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Tour to Toledo

Depositphotos 12502046 lAt 70 kilometers from Madrid we will find here the last Capital from Spain, until they moved it finally to Madrid in the year 1561 (with a very small cut in Valladolid).

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Tour to Segovia

Depositphotos 3778213 lSegovia has plenty of charming, as the facades of their buildings done with such an art composition which are called "sgraffito segovianos".

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Tour to Aranjuez

Depositphotos 10141787 lAranjuez, was for long times considered as the Center of Nature as Escorial the Center of Art. Residence of the monarchs, here lived both of our Dinasties, the Habsburgs and Bourbons.

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Tour to Avila

Avila34The city of Avila, near Madrid, was founded at the time of the Visigoths. Undoubtedly the main attractionis itsimpressive wallof theXIIcenturywhich consists of 88 towers and over 2 kilometers. In addition, it is also well known for its history linked to Santa Teresa.

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Premium Tour to Toledo, Segovia and Escorial

Fotolia 60290139 Subscription Monthly MAt a radial distance of no more than 100 kilometers from the capital we can find Toledo, El Escorial and Segovia, which especially in the summer season you can make possible to combine them on the same day if you don't have more time. Although most comfortable and recommended is to divide Escorial Tour with Segovia (they are on the same direction), and make Toledo separately.

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