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Museum Tour with Official Guide

Depositphotos 7880474 lMadrid's Museum Tour this pogram is very special for us. We can be very proud of the Cultural offer that Madrid gives us.  With our Official Guide we will be able to see the Royal Palace, and three of the most importants Museum of the City, the Prado Museum, Reina Sofia and Thyssen.

The Royal Palace build at the 18th Century, was constructed mainly with white stones of our mountains and is considered one of the biggest of Europe. With this Tour we will be able to see the Royal Palace of Madrid, followed with our Guide, you will be able to see the most important paints of Francisco Goya, Raphael Mengs between others. Inside the Royal Palace, you will be able to see the figures with oriental style, and the Triumph room betwee others. You will also have the opportunity to see one of the most importants collections of our Royal Army and enjoy our Royal Pharmacy and its unique collections of Stradivarius instruments.

The Prado Museum, is one of the finest collections Paints of the World. At the beginning this building was used only for the Royal Family, until the 20th century when it opened its doors to the citizens of Madrid. It can be proud to have a large collection of masterpieces of El Greco, Velazquez and Goya. This Tour through the Prado Museum will allow you to understand better the paint of El Bosco, Tintoretto, Tiziano, Caravaggio and Rubens also.

Like other options, the Reina Sofia National Museum will be the favourite to those who like modern painting. The building was constructed by the arquitector Francisco Sabatini (the same one as the Royal Palace), and was raised as a Hospital with the name of San Carlos. Our last Queen Reina Sofia changed the name and changed the use into Museum. At the present times, has masterpieces of Picasso, Miró and Dalí. If we would need to chose the best paint, we would definetly chose Gernika, which in black and white, Picasso maked a unique piece of our Civil War tragedy.

And last, but not less important we can find Thyssen Museum, which offers a nice Gallery of italian and european painters of the 17th Century until the beginnings of the 20th Century. For all the reasons mentioned above Madrid is a perfect destination for those who are willing to enjoy Culture and Art.

Madrid Tour with Official Guide  
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