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Premium Tour to Toledo, Segovia and Escorial

Fotolia 60290139 Subscription Monthly MAt a radial distance of no more than 100 kilometers from the capital we can find Toledo, El Escorial and Segovia, which especially in the summer season you can make possible to combine them on the same day if you don't have more time. Although most comfortable and recommended is to divide Escorial Tour with Segovia (they are on the same direction), and make Toledo separately.

 Around Madrid we can learn on the same day about Roman Culture, Middle Ages and find one of the best National Heritage Monuments offers of the World.

Toledo Tour will take us to the medieval history and early sixteenth when at that time was capital of a vast empire. In the Middle Ages, there lived the "Sephardies" (our spanish Jewish) and they opened their own Jewish Quarter, which we can still perceive nowadays. Very well indicated with three different ceramic signs we will understand and lear a lot from Jewish Culture and Faith. On the Morish Quarter, we will be able to see a small Mosque and their Sun Gate (puerta del Sol) which could have give the name to our Madrid's Central Square. Finally, at the Cathedral we will enjoy paints of Velazquez, Goya, El Greco between others and learn a lot from the most important spanish Cathedral.

With 15,000 citizens, El Escorial which lies at a distance of 45 kilometers is considered the most important National Monument Heritage of Spain. Throughout the year, receives over 1 million visits per year. This monastery-palace was built by the desire of Philipp II (XVI century) in the year 1563, (meaning two years after of the Capital Change from Toledo to Madrid). It's very well known because of its gigantic proportions (only one side wall is 161 meters). During the visit we will be able to visit the Library and the Royal Pantheon. Its impressive that the whole complex has about 2500 windows.  

Finally, on our Tour to Segovia, we will enjoy the most important Roman Monument of our Country, the majestic aqueduct of Segovia. Dated on the first Century it has remained in used util the late nineteenth century. After visiting the aqueduct we will enter into the old city center and see the last Gothic Cathedral constructed in Spain and walk through our Plaza Mayor towards the Alcazar where we will be finishing the Tour there. At the Alcazar we will learn more about our Tastamara Dinasty and Queen Isabel I which is the beginning of our Modern History.  

Descriptions Prices up to 8 people / Mercedes  
Prices up to 50 people.

Premium Group Toledo (6 hours aprox. )

70€ per person
by agreement

Premium Group Escorial + Valley of the Fallen (6 hours aprox.)

80€ per person
by agreement

Premium Segovia (6 hours aprox.)

70€ per person by agreement
Premium Avila (6 hours aprox.) 70€ per person
by agreement
Premium Aranjuez (6 hours aprox.) 70€ per person
by agreement