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Walking Tour & Car Tour in Madrid(4hours)

Depositphotos 3528046 originalEsta es nuestra opción estrella, ya que a todos nos gusta que las ofertas del 2x1 y la combinación a Pie y en Coche, hace que dé una mejor visión del centro histórico con la parte moderna de la ciudad.

Whithin this hours you will be able to get in contact with our Capital in different ways: in one side, you will be able to visit the most important city attractions as Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Barrio Austrias, Royal Palace and Cathedral. By Car we will visit the most important, Santiago Bernabeu, Bullfighting Stadium, Four Towers and Salamanca Area.

With our Company we offer Individual Tours, and for small groups and for all of them this Tour will be ideal.

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Mercedes Vito

Walking Tour in the City Center (2 hours)

140€ 170€

Tour by Car + Walking Tour 
(4 hours, 2hours Walking Tour + 2hours Car Tour )

200€ 400€
Car Tour in Madrid (3 hours)
160€ 350€