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Tour to Avila

Avila34The city of Avila, near Madrid, was founded at the time of the Visigoths. Undoubtedly the main attractionis itsimpressive wallof theXIIcenturywhich consists of 88 towers and over 2 kilometers. In addition, it is also well known for its history linked to Santa Teresa.

The whole historical city center is considered UNESCO. Offers the first Gothic Cathedral of Spain converted from an old Álcazarcity and included in the coat of the city with the slogans" knights " and "loyal". Impressive is also to walk above the wall. And finally, we celebrate this year 400 of the birth of Santa Teresa. Reason why, we expect many Tourism this year. also offers the combination of Avila with Salamanca as it is in the same direction and  offers many attractions including Spain 's oldest university.

Descriptions Prices (1-4 pax.) /€ BMW
Prices (4-7 pax.) /€ Mercedes Vito

Avila Tour (about 6 hours)


Salamanca + Ávila (about 10 horas)


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