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Tour to Aranjuez

Depositphotos 10141787 lAranjuez, was for long times considered as the Center of Nature as Escorial the Center of Art. Residence of the monarchs, here lived both of our Dinasties, the Habsburgs and Bourbons.

This Palace located at 50 kilometers south of the Capital, counts with a very mild climate and was ideal for long periods in summer territory. In addition, was a perfect place for the agriculture. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first Train of Madrid came here and was called the "Strawberry Train". An ideal place for rest and relax, listening how the Tajo River here flows.  

Palace which featured huge parks with area of ​​300 hectares, was ideal for enjoyment of the Monarchs. Built during the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

This summer residence built in white stone palace was decorated at different times. The Tour of the Palace offer us unique rooms in Baroque style but mainly in oriental style Ceramic old factory Retiro and Mudejar that remind us of the playground of the Alhambra. Also very interesting is also the permanent exhibition on wedding dresses of our various queens like Sofia and the current Leticia.

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Tour in Aranjuez (6 hours aprox.)


Tour Toledo + Aranjuez ( 10 hours aprox.)