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Tour to Segovia

Depositphotos 3778213 lSegovia has plenty of charming, as the facades of their buildings done with such an art composition which are called "sgraffito segovianos".

Located in a hill, between the rivers Eresma and Clamores, it was special constructed there as a good system defence for the city. The main Monuments are the Alcazar and Cathedral.

Undoubtedly, the main attraction is its Aqueduct. One of the greatest jewels of Classical Architecture Roman Empire Times. Thanks to a recent coin that was found when they did the last restoration several years ago, we know that at least is from the first Century AD because this coin had the Augusto Roman Emperor's face.  At the time of the Kings Catholics underwent a major transformation but never lost the essence of how they had built it.

Also very interesting is the visit to the Cathedral (first Gothic) with a special section museum in the Sacristy of a special value. The third principal place is the Alcazar of Segovia. The Alcazar dates from the XII century when at this time was Tastamara Kings residence. However we know that this place was used at the Romans Times as prison. After middle age, we know that it would be main residence of our Queen Isabel I (XV Century) and eventually suffered a major upgrade in the time of Philip II. In addition it was also used as Laboratoria and Military Academy in the time of Charles III.

If we will be having more spare time, deserves special visit the Mint and Around Segovia, we found two very interesting Palaces: La Granja and Rio Frio.

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Tour to Segovia (6 hours aprox.)


Complete Day Tour Segovia + Toledo (10 hours aprox.)