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Tour to Toledo

Depositphotos 12502046 lAt 70 kilometers from Madrid we will find here the last Capital from Spain, until they moved it finally to Madrid in the year 1561 (with a very small cut in Valladolid).

City which conserves for these reason one of the best city center of Europe. It survived our Civil War with the exception of the Alcazar, and it preserves still all their streets, and walls. With three different districts, we can find the jewish, the christian and the arabian. Therefore, took the name of "City of the three Cultures". Even more, you can find how it looked the Capital of the biggest Empire which ruled Carlos V.

The most important Monument is its Cathedral. It started its construction on the year 1226 and works went on over 350 years. The Cathedral connects with a bridge the residence of the most important Cathedral of our Country

Besides this Monument, you can also find the Monastery San Juan de los Reyes, the Saint Tomas Church (where is the most famous paint El Greco ever) and two Sinagogues. If there is anything more concrete that you would like to visit we can always adapt the Programm to your interests.

Description Prices (1-4 pax.) /€ BMW
Prices (4-7 pax.) /€ Mercedes Vito

Tour to Toledo (about 6 hours)


Tour Toledo of Complete Day + Escorial + Valley of the Fallen (about 10 hours)

Tour Toledo + Segovia (about 10 hours) 360€

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