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Tours in Madrid

Экскурсии в МадридеExcursions in Madrid - the most interesting start of a journey to Spain. The whole architecture and sophistication of the capital of the Kingdom of Spain appear before you on foot. If you are tired walking, we will make a fascinating guided tour and doedem to interesting places in the city on a comfortable car or minibus. Individual tours in Madrid, group study tours will show the metropolis from different sides. Guides in Madrid hold the town square, as well as secluded streets that keep their secrets, sample the local cuisine and traditions.

Museum Tour with Official Guide

Depositphotos 7880474 lMadrid's Museum Tour this pogram is very special for us. We can be very proud of the Cultural offer that Madrid gives us.  With our Official Guide we will be able to see the Royal Palace, and three of the most importants Museum of the City, the Prado Museum, Reina Sofia and Thyssen.

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Translation Assistance in Madrid

Depositphotos 21160265 lTranslation Assistance in Madrid of several different languages is possible here in Madrid with our Agency - if you are coming to a Congress or Business Meeting this is a very comfortable option, but also if you are just coming for Relax and you want to be more sure you understand through a process of buying tickets like trains or football to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. In any case, we will glad to assist you. 

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Walking Tour in Madrid (2hours)

Depositphotos 10453281 lThis Tour in Madrid will show you our city center, and the places which have more history. We will start, with the Central Square Puerta del Sol, and we will be following to Plaza Mayor which there we can find other simbols of our City, the Royal Palace and our Cathedral.

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Tour in Madrid by Car (3 hours)

Depositphotos 10131942 lThis Tour in Madrid will offer us the possibility to know the city in a very comfortable option. We offer for small groups BMW Serie 3 or for bigger ones a Mercedes Vito.

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Walking Tour & Car Tour in Madrid(4hours)

Depositphotos 3528046 originalEsta es nuestra opción estrella, ya que a todos nos gusta que las ofertas del 2x1 y la combinación a Pie y en Coche, hace que dé una mejor visión del centro histórico con la parte moderna de la ciudad.

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Group Tour 8 people

Fotolia 60290139 Subscription Monthly MMadrid offers us a unique arquitecture and to visit it with  will be definetly a great option. For Groups up to 8 people we can offer this Tour with our Mercedes Vito 9 seats.

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Flamenco in Madrid

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The Flamenco dance is so related to the Madird Culture as can be the bullfighting or the Madroño Bear. We have several places which offer a similar level of quality and to enjoy a couple of hours.

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